When aged 4, Gabby, now 12, was diagnosed with alopecia areata, a skin condition that causes hair loss, and given the high price of a proper good wig, she has generally worn headbands or hats, and done without a replacement hairpiece.

When she met her friend Tyler, 10, in 2014, he asked Gabby’s mum, Emilia, what he “could do to make her feel better”, Tyler’s dad, Jason, told Buzzfeed News.

Tyler decided to grow his hair out for two whole years to 10-inches, which he then donated to nonprofit Children With Hair Loss to make a wig for his buddy. Tyler let Gabby cut his hair when he’d reached his limit. Gabby’s mum said, “it’s a sweet thing that a kid at his age would want to do that for a friend.”

Proof, then, that not all heroes neither wear capes, nor live on the pages of comic books.


Aged 4, Gabby began losing her hair due to alopecia, a severe skin condition

She met her friend Tyler, who wanted to “make her feel better”

So he grew his hair for two years for it to be turned into a wig for his friend

Tyler let Gabby cut his hair when it reached 10 inches

The wig will be ready within a few weeks

“It’s a sweet thing that a kid at his age would…do” said Gabby’s mum

Watch the video of Tyler and Gabby’s story right here!