I have started tattooing two years ago, in October 2013. I had never thought about doing this before I started doing it, but now I can’t see myself doing anything else. I was in a not so good time of my life, and I actually feel like tattooing came to me as a salvation.

Before I started tattooing, I never did this style of drawing. In the beginning, I wanted to do tattoos with lots of lines so I could practice them before I went on to anything else. I ended up realizing that this was something new that really didn’t need anything else to work, so I just focused all my energy into it. What I try to do is to have a very perceptible central object (that you can read right away when you look at) but that when you look up close you will find a lot of details you hadn’t noticed before.

I only use line-work most of the time, so I try to give all volume and shading through the variation in thickness, sparseness, and direction of lines. To me, it’s a very intuitive process. I mainly work with black ink, but sometimes I also do parts of a design in another color (red or blue). In certain tattoos, the color helps give a different meaning to the piece, to a line, or helps untangle the elements, if there are two overlapping that, if both were black, would lose their readability.

I like doing organic objects the most, especially animals. I feel incredibly lucky that tattoo found it’s way into my life. Every day I get to do what I love and, even better, I get to make someone else happy with my work.

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Collaboration with Tania Catclaw tattoo (left)