There aren’t many things more American than, well, American football. It combines the passion for sports, exciting commentary and a sense of unity over favorite teams. Oh, and from last Monday, we can also add cheering over a stray feline to the list.

During a Monday Night Football match between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys, one black cat offered the purr-fect entertainment for the crowd in the stadium, as well as those watching at home. The naughty critter decided to go for a touchdown during the second quarter, much to the dismay of the state troopers chasing it and amusement of everyone observing the incident.

A stray black cat accidentally crashed an NFL match, much to the crowd’s amusement

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According to Madelyn Burke, a broadcaster, the kitty is likely one of the many strays living at the stadium. “They usually come out after the game, people feed them, etc.” she reported. As the stray cats live in the bleachers, this one most likely got frightened by the fan noise and panicked.

As some people expressed concern over the cat’s safety and health after quite a stressful chase, MetLife Stadium representatives were quick to offer reassurances. “Once we locate and safely capture the cat, we will take it to a veterinarian for examination,” they said on the stadium’s Twitter account.

Here’s a funny commentary to the cat’s actions by Kevin Harlan

The Checkdown even made a mini-documentary about the cat

The match ended with a score of 37-18 as the Cowboys snatched the victory. People on Twitter were quick to speculate if the black cat had any influence over the end score. Others just shared various memes and jokes about the cat as everyone on the social media platform had a good time.

The MetLife Stadium posted an update for all those concerned about the cat’s state

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Here’s how people on Twitter reacted to the whole incident

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Even the New York Giants offered a response to the situation

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