Self-described “nonbinary, very queer cartoonist” Kori Michele Handwerker works from Brunswick, Maine, focusing on gender, sexuality, and personal identity. As of 2017, a strip by the artist called “Let’s Talk About Bisexuality!” has been gathering not only views but comments, too. Some people have found the content controversial, and it has sparked a discussion among viewers since its release.

Currently, Kori is pursuing a Masters Degree in Cartooning at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. The artist is simultaneously self-publishing journal comics, screenprinted zines, and erotic adult comics as well as organizing collaborative fanzines and undertaking freelance projects. Scroll down to read Kori’s comic and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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Self-described “nonbinary, very queer cartoonist” Kori Michele has decided to talk about bisexuality

So the artist created this comic

While some people appreciated and praised the strip

Others had some major issues with it