The internet has crowned Ryan Reynolds the king of Twitter, but every king needs a queen. Luckily, his wife, Blake Lively, has just proven she is the ultimate one. Blake has crafted a hilariously funny tweet congratulating Ryan on his 41st birthday, and the birthday message proves there are some real couple goals there.

To understand the essence of this birthday wish, however, we need to take a step back. On the 26th of August, Reynolds wished a happy 30th birthday to his wife. He uploaded a photo of them to his social media accounts with the caption, “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.” Only he mostly cropped her out of the view.

But what goes around comes around. Blake came back with funny revenge of her own, and for her husband’s birthday, she posted a picture of him with another Ryan, Gosling, focusing on the later. The internet loved her salty trolling, liking the post over 1.2M times and retweeting it more than 300K times. Scroll down to check out Blake’s comeback and let us know in the comments what you think about the couple’s funny pranks!

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Ryan Reynolds congratulated his wife on her 30th birthday in a way that asked for revenge

And on the actor’s 41st birthday, Blake Lively came back swinging

Here’s the original picture of two Ryans that Blake thought has some unnecessary pixels


The internet was quick to declare its love for the hilarious exchange