Birthdays are the only time of the year when you get a chance to feel truly special. Even though some enjoy a bit of privacy, others like to be treated like royals during their day of the year. And it’s totally understandable, we should all put at least the tiniest amount of effort to wish our friends and co-workers a Happy Birthday, after all a little bit of love can make a huge difference! (Facebook cover image: Ianz)

Recently, one Imgur user shared a story about how nobody at work wished her Happy Birthday

People quickly jumped to suggest she should throw a party herself

After reading the comments she decided to take some action

Later AppleDarling posted an update

“Friday some women in another department heard what happened and went all out for me. I came into a decorate cube, flowers, cupcakes, cheesecake, candy, wine, and balloons. They wanted to make sure I had a good birthday”, AppleDarling told Bored Panda.

“As for the female co-worker, I think she felt bad after it all became apparent. Today she brought me hotchocolate and pepermint shnoops.”

“At first I got more paranoid my co-workers would see the story. After I calmed down I was super happy so many people were so supportive. Helps me believe in people a bit more. “