Once you get to that point in life when everyone around you is getting married and creating families, it could get a bit lonely. Unless you go on a homiemoon…

“While everyone else is getting married and having babies, my best friend and I had our own homiemoon in Thailand,” ignoreeverythingido wrote. From Tonsai beach to the Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai to the white Buddha in Pai – this couple of best friends visited all these places and had a truly wonderful homiemoon – not forgetting to take the famous “follow me” pics! Check out the pics from their trip below.

“The trip begins”

“Made it to Tonsai beach”

“Checking out the Sunday night market in Chiang Mai”

“So many Wat’s (Temples)”

“More Wat’s”

“Making new friends at the pool. This was an elephant sanctuary that saved these magical beasts from horrible treatment and conditions”

“White budda in Pai”

“Ended the trip in Bangkok”