We’ve all heard that there is the possibility that a person who looks exactly like you lives somewhere else on the planet. Well, who would’ve thought that David Schwimmer would find his doppelganger the way he did? A couple days ago the Blackpool Police department shared a security camera screenshot that showed a man stealing a pack of beers from a local shop, and the moment this photo went online, the Internet couldn’t help but point out that the thief looked very similar to the famous actor David Schwimmer.

There is no need to say that once this type of information reached the Internet, it became a full-on meme, and people just couldn’t stop. The news eventually reached the actor himself, so to “prove” he was not guilty, he shared a video of him in New York, and even though police department accepted his alibi, not everyone online believes him.

Scroll down to see what the Internet has to say about this hilarious situation, and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments!

More info: Blackpool Police

A couple of days ago, a police department shared a screenshot of a man stealing a pack of beers and asked people for help identifying him

And a swarm of people did help identify the thief  – as it was obviously David Schwimmer also known as Ross from “Friends”

After the post went viral, David Schwimmer decided to clear his name by providing an alibi

And even though police took his word for it

Not everyone online was so quick to let the famous actor off the hook