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We Create Miniatures That Cause A Little Trouble
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We Create Miniatures That Cause A Little Trouble


Tiny art without boundaries. Defiant. Quirky. Slightly uncomfortable. Welcome to the disobedient dollhouse.

Curated by Darren Scala and Kate Unver, founder of dailymini. On view through July 22, 2018 at D. Thomas Miniatures in Yonkers, New York.

More info:

This Mini Ain’t Cute

Devin Smith from Awesome Thanks created this miniature public men’s room. Don’t, we repeat, Don’t, look at what has been left in the sink.

Bitty Bedside

Who hasn’t experienced this level of disarray? “Her Bed” by Amanda Kelly, from Panda Miniatures is a one-twelfth scale vignette featuring a semi-autobiographical bedside of the artist.

Go Green!

“Green Panda Dispensary” is a twelfth scale room box featuring a traditional Colorado marijuana dispensary.

Protest Pottery!


Husband and wife team Brook and Justin Rothshank were inspired by the strength and drive of the Parkland Teens to create “More Than a Little Unrest”, and assortment of non-specific scale miniature pottery with sweet messages of protest.


What’s Inside the Heart?

Chaos and nature have taken control in “The Forgotten” which encourages the viewer to explore the darker corners of the body affected by the ravages of time. Artist Juli Steel used a modified dress form and filled it with dollhouse miniatures.

Cosmic Evolution

Team of artists from C+C Mini Factory used photography to experiment with light and scale. “Ceremony” is a dypyh which tells the story of dinosaurs from an alternate timeline when these creatures never became extinct. Trippy.

Egg Noodle Art

Caravaggio’s Judith Beheading Holofernes was replicated as an ink illustration on a quarter-inch wide egg noodle by artist Evan Lorenzen. Any questions?

Well Lookie Here!


In “Tap, Tap” but Maria Salehi, humans find themselves on display for the pleasure of the insects in this small scale science fiction and fantastical scenario.

What’s Under Your Bed?


In “Secrets of a Doll’s Nightstand” artist Kim Clough created an assortment of twelfth scale sex toys. Dolls got needs too.

The Devastation of War

Miniaturist and photographer Tourmaline sets up elaborate scenes using miniatures and then photographs each scene. “Survival” is a series of 5 photographs using micro scale miniatures to depict the horrors of war.

A Tiny Slice of Urban Life

In a “Recipe for Happiness” Sonya Galaviz created a 1:48th scale New York City streetscape complete with a bodega, a voodoo parlor and gay bar featuring Drag Queen Bingo night.

Would You like Some Fries With That?

Leah Yao’s “I Will Outlive You” explores themes of mortality and feasts and encourages viewers to consider the toxic food systems which make up our modern diets and to think about how what we create today will exist on the planet after we are dead and gone.


Spot On!


In her first miniature creation, Danielle McGurran was inspired by a local New York City dim sum restaurant, Nam Wah Tea Parlor located on Doyers Street in Chinatown.

Toot Toot!

This little tray of treats (for some) is part of Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll, by Ann Marie Matheus featuring the day when The Chicago Plaster Casters molded the genitals of Jimmy Hendrix in a hotel room following one of his performances.

A Bit Wiped Out

This momento mori style diorama by Lee Harper from History Bones tells the story of a young girl’s horrific death following the use of arsenic based dyes when making dried flower arrangements while working in a floral shop.


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