Throughout the entire month of October, Chicago-based illustrator Alex Solis created an ink drawing a day with a bizarre theme – he re-imagined what some of the most popular horror characters ever might look like as cute little (murderous) babies.

Solis’ drawings were part of the Inktober event, which is when ink artists around the world are invited to create an ink drawing a day to get their literal and figurative creative juices flowin’.

For more about Alex’s work, read on for his interview with Bored Panda!

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Baby Freddy

Growing up I loved Nightmare on Elm Street, so drawing baby Freddy was awesome and from the heart.” Alex Solis told Bored Panda. “Him sleeping as a baby worked perfect for his character.

Baby Jason

I have a 6 month old baby right now and it was October so I wanted to create something that was inspired by him everyday!

Baby Frankenstein

I wanted to give them a horrific look but still a very innocent feel to them. I think it makes them cute, you almost want to be murdered by them!

Baby Edward Scissorhands

Baby Samara – The Ring

Baby Mummy

Baby Hannibal Lecter

Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby

Baby Michael Jackson Zombie Thriller

Baby Dracula

Baby Jack

Headless Horsebaby

Pale Baby

Baby Wicked Witch

Baby Chuky

Baby Slimer

Baby Grim Reaper

Baby Alien

Baby Pennywise

Baby Michael Meyers

Baby Swamp Creature

Baby Leatherface

Baby Bride Of Frankenstein

Baby Cyclops

Baby Pinhead

Baby Werewolf

Baby White Walker

Baby Beetlejuice

Baby Pazuzu – Exorcist

Baby Nurse Joker

Baby Meta Luna

Thank you, Adam Solis, for telling us about your work. Best of luck!