Each Year I tell the story of my daughter. I do this mostly because I’m proud, but also if there is one person where I can shine some hope into their life, then telling her story will be something I will always do.

This is Ava Rain. Our rainbow baby. Our little bird.

After the loss of our first daughter, we embarked on a journey of foster-to-adopt to hopefully fill the holes in our hearts with a second child. Our son was 5 years old at the time and he also longed for a sibling.

Ava came along when she was 4 days old and has shined so much light in our lives and the lives of many others.

As her 3rd birthday approaches I wanted to share her photos I took, with you, and I hope she makes you smile. I also want to tell those of you who are struggling with loss, and are thinking of adoption, I hope Ava’s little story can encourage you that your forever child is out there waiting for you.

Mandy Marie, Photographer with Tiny Times Photography.