Bored Panda readers might know musician and cartoonist Tommy Siegel as a member of Jukebox the Ghost or the author of his candy heart illustration series but he’s up to even more. For example, Siegel drew a comic every day for 500 days and released an illustrated guide to the absurdities of our phone-obsessed modern life. The artist constantly challenges himself.

One of his latest creative endeavors involved drawing birds. People, however, weren’t entirely pleased with the results: some said the legs weren’t realistic enough. So Tommy decided to try and give them what they want. Here’s what he ended up with.

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Image credits: TommySiegel

Image credits: TommySiegel

Image credits: TommySiegel

Image credits: TommySiegel

Siegel said he made the initial drawings just for himself. “I had been out all day birding and wanted to try drawing some of the birds I’d seen,” he told Bored Panda. But after others caught a glimpse of his work, they offered their opinion on it.

“The ‘constructive criticism’ over those drawings was very constructive. I appreciated people’s comments on the legs — I realized mine were a little ‘off’ and made a second attempt.”

To get more feedback, Tommy shared the second batched of drawings online too. The pictures instantly went viral, generating over 115K likes on Twitter alone, but most importantly no one was saying the artist was drawing unrealistic legs anymore.

“[The response to these drawings was] very encouraging,” Tommy said. “I look forward to making them more and more realistic in the future!”

People instantly fell in love with Tommy’s “improvements”

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