I am an 18-year-old girl from Finland, and there is an apple tree in our garden, but I’m allergic to apples, so the only way I can use this fruit is to give them personalities. One dull day I just took a knife, and an apple and fruit carving started.

I don’t buy them for this unique art project but whenever I find an apple I take it with me, and when I have some time and a knife, I start working a new weird fruit face. It doesn’t take much time to carve a funny face into an apple if you don’t want to be too precise. However, if you do, the process might take a while. The best apples to carve are the red ones. It is much more difficult to spot the funny faces if the background is green.

The personalities of the apples depend on how I feel at the moment of carving. The faces might describe my own feelings or show the opposite of them. For example, if I feel very angry, I might make an apple which has a really big smile.

In love

Bad hair day


This describes bullying. Guess which one is the bully.



This apple was going to be a bad-ass with sunglasses and grumpy face, but then I thought it needed a bit bigger mouth. All that kind of little changes really makes it the whole new personality. Now it is a bit retarded buddy.

Oooh… That’s so beautiful!

This apple is always amazed no matter what it sees.


Have you watched Doctor Who? The snowmen inspired me. This doesn’t look just like it, but it has its similarity.


This is the granny apple. It was already a bit wrinkly and I decided to make it look like and old person.


I was trying to make it look like evil, but instead, I made it look like some kind of pervert. I left it on one bench to stalk peoples.

Shut up, fool


The apple in the front is perpetual pessimist and it is annoyed about that bully.


This one just wants to make fun of the others. It is an apple version of one of my friends.


I tried to make an apple that would look as comfortless as possible.


This apple is a bit psycho. You can see it from its eyes. We all have that kind of look in our eyes when we get really excited.


This was inspired by the Internet meme “seriously…”

Bully 2.0.

If nobody does anything about bullying it can continue and there will be other victims.

No shit, Sherlock



‘If I push just a little bit…’ Sometimes I just can’t stand some people complain about some meaningless things. But on the other hand, I know that also I do it now and then.

My precious

That’s me when I have some really good candies.