Just 2 weeks after a shocking incident fiercely reignited the vaccination debate, another blow has been dealt with the anti-vaxxer firewall after a genius analogy against their logic (or lack of any common sense) went viral.

The widely-shared image, which compares vaccination to a bridge and disease to crocodile-infested waters, came accompanied by a short Facebook debate – the brevity of which was only due to an anti-vaccine commentator being brutally shut down by a science blog. The savage comeback was caught on screenshots and posted on Imgur, where it quickly made the front page with over 11 thousand upvotes.

Vaccine-preventable diseases are still a threat to children, notably measles, which has made a frightening comeback in the US and Europe. If this, paired with the plethora of research confirming vaccines to be safe and necessary, doesn’t serve as enough pro-vaccine ammo in your next argument over the issue, use this post as one of the best comebacks possible.

This analogy against ‘anti-vaxxer logic’ is going viral, and it’s reigniting an important discussion

Reactions from other users were overwhelmingly in support of the pro-vaxxer’s shattering argument

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