Tons of people are still refusing to wear masks and it’s starting to seem like there’s nothing we can do to prove them wrong. Even scientific facts aren’t able to change these people’s minds. So, what should the authorities do about the situation? How should the individuals violating the rules be punished?

Well, apparently, the local authorities of Java in Indonesia have an idea. Officials in Gresik regency, East Java, came up with a unique way to punish locals for not following the rules. 8 anti-maskers were recently forced to dig graves for COVID-19 victims for refusing to wear masks.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesian anti-maskers are subject to fines or community service as punishment

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The one who came up with this idea was the head of Cerme district, Suyono. “There are only three available grave diggers at the moment, so I thought I might as well put these people to work for them,” Suyono told Tribun News. “Hopefully this can create a deterrent effect against violations.”

The local authorities came up with a creative way to punish those refusing to wear masks

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Those 8 anti-maskers were assigned to dig graves in groups of two, but it wasn’t mandatory for them to participate in the following funeral services.

Since there’s a shortage of gravediggers, Cerme district head ordered 8 rebels to dig graves for COVID-19 victims

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The number of COVID-19 cases in the country is still growing. Yesterday, there were 3,141 new cases registered, taking its total number of cases since the pandemic began up to 221,523. Moreover, from today, Java’s capital Jakarta has been placed under stricter social restrictions in order to control the spread of coronavirus.

In Cerme, the number of coronavirus cases has been continuing to rise

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Turns out, social, economic, religious, cultural, and academic activities have all been restricted. Only 11 essential sectors including food, construction, and banking are allowed to operate with health protocols and 50 percent of usual staffing. Schools, parks, recreation sites, and wedding reception venues were closed entirely, while restaurants and cafes are limited to takeaway and delivery service.

From September 14, Jakarta has been placed under stricter social restrictions

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Here’s how people on the internet feel about this kind of punishment