If you get along with your neighbors then congratulations—your life must be going swimmingly! But the odds are that there’s at least one person in your building or neighborhood who you simply despise. They might keep ‘borrowing’ your morning newspaper, eating the fruit from your apple tree, or blasting awful music out their window at three in the goddamn morning.

Many of us have also had to deal with neighbors who decide to do some DIY home renovation at the worst possible moments. The worst of the bunch aren’t willing to compromise. That’s exactly what happened to redditor u/Blueberry-Lemon45118, who shared how they got back at their noisy neighbors with the r/pettyrevenge online community. Check out their full story below. Bored Panda has reached out to u/Blueberry-Lemon45118 via Reddit, and we’ll update the article as soon as we hear back from them.

One of the worst things that a neighbor can do is start drilling the walls at an ungodly hour

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That’s exactly what one person had to deal with. However, they came up with a creative way to give them a taste of their own medicine


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The author of the post later clarified a few things


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The neighbors were unwilling to look for any compromises

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There are few things that are more satisfying than a dish of delicious revenge, served ice cold. The redditor had tried everything that they could to get their neighbors to come to their senses. They tried reasoning with them. They tried getting in touch with law enforcement. Nothing. Seemed. To. Work.

The neighbors kept on renovating their home at 11 PM, as usual, without a care in the world. Karma tends to catch up to people like that. And so it did.

The author of the post, redditor u/Blueberry-Lemon45118, shared how they made use of a great opportunity, a month or so after the renovations, when most of the locals in the neighborhood were away on holiday. The annoying DIY renovators, however, were at home.

So, the OP moved their drumset to their balcony near their bedroom and—like clockwork—would play some energetic beats at 11 PM. They got a taste of their own medicine and, wow, did they not like it! They even ended up calling the cops… the very same ones who the OP had gotten in touch with to complain about the drilling.

Few people know who their neighbors are these days


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Getting along with your neighbors comes down to a mix of good and consistent communication, respecting each others’ boundaries, and being open to compromises if you ever get into an argument. All in all, the more we know about the people we live next to, the more we care about them, and the more likely we are to help them out when they need a hand.

According to the Pew Research Center, 57% of Americans say they know only some of their neighbors. A shockingly small number, 26%, say that they know most of them.

As we’ve covered on Bored Panda previously, many people, especially in the United States have become less interdependent while also growing more independent. Instead of growing up and staying in their hometowns, they move elsewhere. So the connections they build with their new neighbors are weaker or don’t exist at all.

Something else that’s affected how well we know the folks in our building and local area is how much time we spend inside our homes. Half a century ago, people would sit on their porches and would naturally chat with those walking by. Connections formed. People got to know each other.

Fast forward to our postmodern times and there’s easy access to air conditioning, the internet, social media, video games, and television. There are fewer reasons to leave our homes and interact with others because we can entertain ourselves at home.

Many readers expressed their support for the drummer and shared their own bad neighbor stories