Following in the footsteps of the popular owl cafes in Tokyo, Annie the owl and some of her friends will be spending a week in London as the gracious hosts of an owl pop-up bar that will be showing up at a secret location in London’s Soho neighborhood.

Tickets cost 20 pounds for entry and two cocktails, but will be distributed by ballot because, as of publication, there are more than 43,000 people interested in visiting the owls! The proceeds of the event, organized by Locappy, will be donated to the Barn Owl Centre, an organisation dedicated to protecting owls in the UK. The pop-up bar will be open March 19-25 from 8:30 PM until 2:00 AM.

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Cafes in Tokyo like this one will let you hang out with owls

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Owls are nocturnal, so the cocktail bar in London will let visitors hang out with them at night

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The owls will all be accompanied by professional falconers who will see to their comfort and safety

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Tickets will cost £20 ($31) and will include two drinks…


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…but more than 43,000 people have signed up for the ticket ballot!

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Some of the owls that will be arriving:

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The event will last only a week so the owls don’t get too stressed – March 19-25


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“The owls belong to a professional falconry center and are accustomed to being around the public,” write the organizers

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“They have attended public events such as weddings before and, during the event, a professional falconer will accompany each owl”


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Furthermore, visitors will be limited to two drinks each

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The profits from the event will go towards a new owl aviary being build by the Barn Owl Centre in the UK

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