Most of us admire old European architecture, but did you ever wonder how these stunners were built back in the day? I know I did! Luckily, Engineering and Architecture crafted a fascinating animation that shows the construction of the Charles Bridge in Prague. The construction started in 1357 and the bridge was finished in 1402, taking 45 years to make it.

The bridge still stands and is a part of the iconic composition across the Vltava (Moldau) river. To this day, it’s a popular destination for tourists visiting the Czech Republic, attracting people with its magnificent grandeur.

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This fascinating animation shows how the iconic Charles Bridge in Prague was built

Image credits: Tomáš Musílek

The bridge, which originally was called Stone Bridge and only got named after the king in 1870, is 1,693 ft (616 m) long and almost 33 ft (10 m) wide. It has three bridge towers—two on the Lesser Quarter side and one on the Old Town side. In addition to this, it’s decorated with 30 statues, mostly baroque-style, that were originally built around 1700, but now have been replaced by replicas.

Apparently, the Charles Bridge wasn’t a new project—it was commissioned to replace the old Judith bridge that was gravely damaged in the mid 13th century due to a flood.

It has been watched over 1.7M times to this day

Image credits: Tomáš Musílek

The process of the construction that took nearly 50 years is condensed into a 3-minute video

Image credits: Tomáš Musílek

While the construction of the bridge started in 1357

Image credits: Tomáš Musílek

The fascinating animation depicts the construction process of the Charles Bridge (Karlův most) that took almost half a century to complete. The process is condensed into a 3-minute video.

The 3D graphics for the animation were done by Tomáš Musílek, while the video was shared on YouTube by Praha archeologická, attracting more than 1.7M viewers.

The bridge itself still stands and is a popular tourist destination

Image credits: flukes69

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