Americans have a reputation abroad for being somewhat insular, and that is putting it kindly. Perhaps it’s a lack of curiosity, education or just being told over and over that the USA is ‘exceptional,’ but for some reason there is just a startling lack of knowledge about the world as a whole, and nothing better illustrates that than Jimmy Kimmel asking people to name a country on the world map.

Now it’s not a specific country Kimmel was asking these L.A locals to identify. They weren’t being asked to pick out Sao Tome e Principe on the map. They were asked to identify any country, anywhere, take your pick out of all 193 of them. Some had to be reminded that Africa is a continent, while others couldn’t even find the United States. One guy thought that Alaska was Greenland. It’s literally your own country dude!

Luckily, one young boy was there to save the day and remind us that there are still people out there with the desire and ability to connect with the world around them. He showed up the adults by rattling off the names and locations of a variety of nations.

So what? You may think, it’s just geography. For many people however this is no laughing matter. As the U.S exerts its military and political influence on the world, citizens in whose name it purports to act have no clue about what and where things are going on. It’s pretty scary actually. Scroll down below to check it out for yourself, and explore! Be curious! Discover the beauty of the world we live in!

Jimmy Kimmel asked one simple question to people on the streets of L.A

But it turned out to be way more difficult than expected

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