The majority of us know that one person—the one who enjoys going to the bathroom on the company’s time because they “get paid to poop.” They sit there somewhere from 20 to 45 minutes, scrolling, reading, or doing anything that’s appropriate to do while sitting on their naked rear. But then there are those who take up way too much time while doing their things in private bathrooms—households, that is. They show no shame in taking up everyone’s precious time while their loved ones are banging on the bathroom door out of sheer desperation.

Fear no more! This is where the toilet sand timer for that long-pooper in your life comes in. Available from Amazon, the toilet sand timer has captured the hearts of many people—while they’re not so sure the timer works to actually hurry the long-pooper up, it may work as a great gag gift with a subtle message.

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You can now get a toilet sand timer for that poo-crastinator in your life

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The product description of the toilet timer reads: “The Toilet Timer is for the poo-crastinator taking their sweet time. Help your loved one get back to the people they are trying to avoid.”

The sand timer runs for about five minutes

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“This gift is a funny stocking stuffer for men, dads, and husbands, a great gag or father’s day gift, and is perfect for fathers at Christmas or as a white elephant gift or secret Santa gift,” the product description continues.

“Help your loved one get back to the people they are trying to avoid!”

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“We’ve concocted a special new blend of unicorn magic and gravity that makes the Toilet Timer easy to set. Runs for about five minutes. Just spin to set!” the retailers write. “The Toilet Timer is more than just a subtle hint for the long-pooper in your family. Did you know that there is actually medical benefit to not lingering in the loo?” We’ll have to agree on this one—science says that sitting too long on the toilet can be the reason for hemorrhoids.

The timer is priced at $14.99 and a Trump edition is available as well

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If you find the original toilet timer a little bit too ordinary, there’s a Trump version of it! The picture shows a golden-locked Donald sitting on the golden toilet, using his smartphone (probably tweeting yet another nonsensical hot mess).

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