Now listen. When Reddit user loyaltystar posted a screenshot on r/funny, they went to work without giving it much thought. When they came back, it had tens of thousands of upvotes. As of this article, the actual number is 76K.

Supposedly, its Amazon’s e-mail template. And no, nobody hacked it or anything. It came into this world the same way I did. By accident. Someone at the company sent it out and we don’t know if that person still has their job or not, but let’s appreciate the brilliant text either way. It’s a comprehensive tutorial to better writing.

Image credits: loyaltystar

The piece actually belongs to Gary Provost (1944–1995). He was an American writer and writing instructor, author of works including Make Every Word Count: A Guide to Writing that Works–for fiction and nonfiction and 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing: Proven Professional Techniques for Writing with Style and Power. The little text is a reminder that you have to keep your audience on their toes. To dance with them. And it gets the message across perfectly.

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