I am a German documentary photographer and photojournalist – one who is esteemed by his peers for having the freedom and drive to travel to more than 80 countries across 5 continents in pursuit of my passion.

I have witnessed a civil war, poverty, dictatorship and violence – but more often I was a guest in a world that is characterized by graceful beauty. After a 4 year tour and 40.000 km on the bicycle, I lost my hears in Africa. To portray the nature and people and their lives there, I traveled through Africa hundreds of miles by foot, by boat and jeep, in all four directions, sometimes alone, and other times in the company with friends in search of all that is about Africa and this world.

The photographs are a homage to Africa and its people. It’s a collection of intimate portraits and vivid photographs of a great continent that breathes a diversity and naturalness that is missing in the (western) uniform and ordered society.

More info: mario-gerth.de

Hamar lady, Ethiopia

Arbore, Ethiopia

Karo, Ethiopia

The unmarried Samburu girl, Kenya

Arbore girl, Ethiopia

Suri lady, Ethiopia

Samburu warrior, Kenya

Himba girl, Namibia

Hamar boy, Ethiopia

Tuareg boy, Mali

Karo boy, Ethiopia

Muris girl, Ethiopia

Mursi mother with baby, Ethiopia

Karo boy, Ethiopia