Unless you have a real passion for it, some subjects can make for quite dull and difficult classes. Physics is one of those subjects; fiendishly complex and full of mathematical intricacies, you are studying the behavior of the universe itself! The physical laws of matter, energy and the fundamental forces of nature are really not something to be approached lightly, which is why many physics professors are, let’s just say, on the more serious side of the teaching spectrum.

That doesn’t mean that physics can’t be fun though! With the right personality, a passion for the subject and a little creativity, a good teacher can inspire students to learn anything. I mean, who didn’t just love Dead Poets Society? 

Tumblr user kaijuno, who describes herself as “Astronomer. Photographer. Science Educator. Show Host With the Most,” is currently at college studying Astrophysics, Mathematics, and History. She clearly appreciates the methods of her new professor, do we detect a little swooning in her descriptions of him?

Wouldn’t you just love a teacher like this? Estrada knows the importance of engaging his students, treating them with respect and going well out of his way to make sure they get every opportunity to learn with a smile.

With America currently losing its teachers at a record rate, with people leaving the profession for a variety of reasons including tight budgets and lack of support, enthusiastic young professors from abroad could become vital in filling the gaps. So it’s lucky that the government is currently being so open-hearted and welcoming to immigrants from Latin America right now, isn’t it?

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