The world around us is full of distracting, irritating noise. Whether it’s a rock concert, a screaming baby on a plane, or just the general racket of a big city, sometimes we just want to tune it all out. Knops, a set of game-changing new ear plugs, will let you do exactly that.

Knops are not your average foam wedges. Modeled in the shape of a gramophone and fitted with gold and silver accents, the plugs are as visually appealing as a set of urBeats, and are just as practical. By simply turning the outer rims of Knops, they can be adjusted to one of 4 modes: clear sound, city noise, live music, or total isolation. This gives wearers the power to toggle their hearing as they please, protecting delicate ears from damage in loud environments. Indeed, they’re marketed as “the volume button for your ears.”

The team behind Knops is headed by engineer Arjen De Jong. He’s assisted by Koen Brouwer and Quinten Huigen, the founders of Thunderplugs, Europe’s most prolific brand of silicone ear plugs. Their production is currently hinged on a Kickstarter campaign, but seeing as they’ve already raised over $140 thousand, we could be seeing Knops on international shelves in the near future.

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