My name is Antony Harrison, I was born in Manchester, UK and started travelling the world back in 2001. After visiting some of the earths most wonderful places I decided to use photography as a means to share his view of the world with others. Since then, I have been capturing every moment of his ongoing journey through the eye of my lens.

First coming to Kitzbühel in 2005, I knew I had found a very special place. Returning often, now I happily call Kitzbühel my new home. This collection of images taken over the last year encompass the natural beauty of the surrounding area in my own unique style.

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Seidlalmsee Reflections


Golden Light

Springtime Falls

Dark Clouds of The Kaiser

Moonrise over Kitz

Grossglockner Reflections

Tranquility Falls

Road to the Mountains



Fire in the Sky


Cold River

Kaiser Reflections

Dalfazer Falls

They Wait