I’m a graphic designer/illustrator from Latvia, with history in Norway and currently living in Prague. This is my one year project which I started in July, 2015. Every day there is one sketch in different places. The sketch is created where I was, and posted on Instagram, never missed a day and usually using small sketchbook with liquid pen, pencils and watercolours.

I know I am not the first one who draws the places in sketchbooks, but I like to remember the places with my own perspective and take a moment for the certain perspective. So I would like to share my daily challenge with you. The year project still going and currently I am on 194 day.

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Day 110 – Dancing House, Prague

Day 126 – Forest, Vsenory

Day 118 – Namesti Miru Metro, Prague

Day 154 – Galerie Manes, Prague

Day 4 – Freedom Monument, Latvia

Day 19 – Alesund Port, Norway

Day 102 – Prague Senát, Prague

Day 2 – Jurkalne, Lavia

Day 18 – Forest Field In Hareidlandet, Norway

Day 157 – Mountains

Day 139 – Astronomical Clock, Prague

Day 33 – Plaga De Colloiure, France

Day 82 – Salvador Monastery, Prague

Day 57 – Velká Amerika

Day 124 – Žižkow TV Tower, Prague

Day 138 – Strelecky Ostrov, Prague

Day 145 – Botanical Garden, Prague

Day 161 – Gernestua Mountain Peak, Norway

Day 178 – Church Of St. Michael, Prague

Day 192 – Husitska, Prague

Day 187 – Vinohrady, Prague

Day 87 – Park, Prague

Day 176 – Breakfast In Cafe Jen, Prague

Day 131 – Embassy Of Germany, Prague