Pop culture-fiend and digital artist Butcher Billy—like countless others— was hugely influenced by the late and great David Bowie. In order to remember the life of the inimitable musician, Butcher Billy started his project Daily Bowie. He created one artwork a day, each featuring Aladdin Sane and other Bowie persona. The series reflects Butcher Billy’s comic book-inspired signature style that mashes up pop culture references from Star Trek to Karl Lagerfeld.

“Bowie has always had a huge impact on me,” Butcher Billy says. “His influence can be seen in tons of my art. In the wake of his death, I was surprised to learn how many people have been affected by his sound and vision, just as I have. This series is to celebrate his life and immense influence.”

See Butcher Billy’s 31-piece collection Daily Bowie below. Can you spot all the references?

More info: curioos.com