We usually go on Instagram to see what our friends and colleagues are up to, what expensive things celebrities are going to show off, or simply to scroll through an endless stream of photos in the #cats tag. And while the page is mostly there to feed or strike your ego, every once in a while there’s something that touches your heart. One of the more wholesome phenomena on IG at the moment is the page of an 86-year-old grandpa from Lancashire, UK.

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86-year-old David Cyril is taking Instagram by storm with his weight loss journey

With 111k followers, David Cyril is taking Instagram by storm as he gathered such audience in just a couple of months since September. Quite impressive, right? You might ask what content does he post to draw in such numbers? His weight loss journey, of course!

He promotes positivity and kindness that draw people in

While it’s not what most expect from a man his age, scrolling through his comments proves that people are absolutely there for him, with questions, tips and support outpouring under every picture he posts.

David aimed to lose 4 stone after haing health issues, and he’s making a solid progress

Cyril’s Instagram journey started on September 26. After suffering a heart attack, the man says he’d been trying to lose weight through Slimming World for a couple of years, but kept slipping back to his original weight until his daughter suggested to create an IG account, after a photo of him she posted on her page received positive attention. That’s exactly what David it, to keep the motivation to reach his target.

While at his heaviest, Cyril decided he’d like to lose some weight and managed to drop 2 stone (12.7kg), however, he quickly slipped back to the original weight. Since the beginning of his account, David’s lost 1 stone 4.5lbs (8.39kg) and almost made it back to the weight he previously had. The grandpa is aiming to lose additional 3 stone (19kg) to reach his target weight.

And we’re pretty sure that he’ll eventually make it, especially with thousands of people supporting him. Not only his attitude and approach to dieting uplifting, but the whole aura surrounding his page is wholesome and inspiring. His frequent posts show that he’s having fun while taking care of his health. Cyril encourages people be positive and kind, an attitude that is perfectly reflected in the comment section of his photos.

Watch this video below to see how positive and lighthearted his attitude is