I was gifted with the honor of shooting Ruby and Harold for their 60th wedding anniversary. Five years later, I was gifted again to document their love of 65 years. Harold is the exact same as I remember him. Cutting jokes and always smiling. Sadly, Ruby’s dementia has worsened. She didn’t remember me or the last time we took pictures together. When she greeted me at the door, she wrapped me up in a tight hug… just like you would hug family you hadn’t seen in a long time. I told her I was so excited to see her and she said, ‘Well, I wish I knew why!’ But wow, her personality was just as sassy as ever!

It’s so sad to know that she won’t remember me or the wonderful time we had together. But she’ll enjoy looking at the pictures and that’s exactly why a photographer’s job is so important. It’s so amazing to see a long-lasting love like theirs! I believe it should be celebrated, documented, cherished, remembered and something to strive for.

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