Nothing can hype you as much as a father who promises to live-tweet “adulting on a School Trip to the Science Museum.” And no one deserves more respect than a man of his word. Recently, Simon Smith from the United Kingdom volunteered to take his daughter and 59 of her classmates (including a boy who called him ‘Bruv’) on a field trip to the Kensington museum from Harlow. After Simon’s achingly funny tweets went viral, his pain became everyone’s entertainment.

There were terrible smells, annoying questions, and a never-ending road trip. Simon wrote more than 100 tweets while chaperoning, documenting the entire ordeal. To make reading this funny story shorter, we’ve gathered the highlights to show what everyone who is thinking about supervising a school field trip should expect. Scroll down to learn about failed road trip ideas and Simon’s survival techniques!

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Meet Simon Smith, a father who volunteered to help out on his daughter’s school trip

It started off as an innocent event

But things quickly began getting out of hand


All the children were asked to go to the toilet before they set off but…


Then the real nightmare began


Even Simon’s own daughter was against him

If that wasn’t enough, someone started getting sick

But the children’s curiosity quickly proved to be the most annoying thing on the trip so far


After they arrived at the museum, hope was nowhere in sight

Simon kept documenting the lovely things kids were telling him

When his wife asked how things were going, Simon told the harsh truth


Eventually, the horror story moved to the gift shop

Nothing changed, even on the way back

His final tweets perfectly summed everything up