Anybody who’s ever read the heartwarming romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey will know what a quality piece of literature it is. I mean, why else has it sold SO many copies?

It’s difficult to fathom why anybody would want to part with even a page of their Fifty Shades collection. Which is why we simply can’t understand why a charity shop in Swansea has ended up with so many copies of The Best-Selling Book Of All Time that they’ve decided to make a fort with walls built entirely out of the world’s most eloquent erotica. Well, it’s one way to repel invaders I guess.

In fact, the shop has so many copies that they’re even asking the public to stop donating them! “We get people bringing in new copies all the time,’ said Phil Broadhurst, the owner of Goldstone books, an Oxfam charity bookshop. “We appreciate all the donations, but enough is enough.”

We couldn’t agree more.

(h/t: distractify)


Image credits: Goldstone Books

Image credits: Goldstone Books

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