On April 25th, a series of powerful earthquakes and aftershocks rocked Nepal, inflicting untold devastation upon cities, villages, and the people living in them. The victim count continues to grow, but the story of one 4-month-old baby boy’s rescue 22 hours after he was trapped by the earthquake is a ray of hope for rescue professionals and volunteers working in the area.

Nepalese soldiers worked until midnight to free little Sonit Awal from the rubble of his family’s home, eventually promising to return the next day. His father, Shyam Awal, almost gave up hope – until he heard his son cry out. Read on for more of their gripping story.

More info: kathmandutoday.com

4-month-old Sonit Awal was trapped by the devastating earthquake in Nepal

Rescuers searched until midnight without results, and his father almost gave up hope…

…until he heard his son cry out from beneath the rubble

22 hours after he had been trapped, baby Sonit was rescued – alive and healthy

His mother said,  “I could hear him crying from the ruins of our home”

“I could think of nothing else but trying to save my baby. I was very sad. I did not eat. I did not sleep”

4-Month-Old Baby Trapped For 22 Hours In Nepal Earthquake Rubble Found Alive

Unfortunately, thousands of other people were not as fortunate as baby Sonit. To donate to the relief effort in Nepal, click here for a list of charities working in the area