I’m Mickael Delalande – a 30-years-old graphic designer from France. I’ve been creating wire sculptures for about 2 years now.

In the beginning, wire sculpting was the means to escape everyday life but now I’m addicted to this activity. I like wire because it’s easy to model with without expensive tools and it’s interesting to find the good way to lace it with the less cuts as possible. I find my ideas in objects of my everyday life or in the animals I like.

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I took my own coffee pot as a model and I spent around 8 hours and a lot of real coffee to reproduce it, 2014


I took my own right shoes as models (size 11) and put real shoelaces on, 2013


Shadow is the key

The original adjustable wrench is used as the base of the sculpture, 2013




Hand & Beer


I was drinking beer while modeling my hand, 2013


The bigger one took me only 2 days to create but I had developed some allergy to copper and I think it was the first and last time I used this material, 2013


Maybe the most complex piece. I used nearly 6 reels of 25 meters without any cuts. It took me 2 months with many breaks to complete it, 2013