As of August 28th, you can now use a 3D printer to produce custom candy gummies in Berlin. The world’s first 3D candy printer, “Magic Candy Factory,” had been in development for over a year through German company Katjes Fassin’s UK subsidiary, and can print gummies in 3-10 minutes; competing machines take up to an hour. The machine uses very special and unique fruit gum liquid to produce 7 colors and flavors, and 10 shapes, weighing between 15g and 20g.

“The benefit of the experience in store for the whole family is that children and adults can learn about the technology of 3D printing and ingredients in food,” Managing Director of Katjes Fassin UK, Melissa Snover, told Retail Gazzette. “Other confectioners haven’t been able to bring anything like this to market, but we’ve spent many months developing this technology to be fast, educational and fun.”

More info: (h/t: designtaxi, retailgazette)

“The only limits of our project are those of our imagination….now and everyday everyone can be a maker!”