Two months ago I created an advent picture, it was the second time I attempted this style of art. It was so well received being copied and shared across the world my words translated into many languages. I was so happy to see so many people appreciate my work I decided to once again create an advent picture. Second time, I started with a bear and here’s how it looked at the end.

I followed these rules in the creation of this piece.

1. I needed to draw something new each day

2. It needed to be every day

3. The drawing would focus on a single theme.

I hope you all enjoy this picture as much as the last one.

More info: Facebook

Day 1 – Fish

Day 2 – Treasure-pus

Day 3 – Bear fish. I think if this becomes a series I will always include a bear in the picture. This bear fish is a nod to my other drawing also on this site

Day 4 – Cavern town

Day 5 – Poisons for sale from Angler eddie

Day 6 – This statue is to commemorate some of my friend in an event that happened during a game of D & D

Day 7 – Sunken ship

Day 8 – The depths

Day 9 – Pirate ghosts are lost

Day 10 – Someone is scared!

Day 11 – What can frighten a shark?

Day 12 – A horde of angry vengeful sea animals of course. I tried to shape the many animals into a giant fish leaving a spot in top for an eye

Day 13 – Exploration

Day 14 – Self-portrait and why am I freaking out?

Day 15 – The Narwhal punctured the tube!!

Day 16 – Whale has a booboo

Day 17 – The sea turtle has a concussion

Day 18 – This sea captain is irate hope someone has insurance

Day 19 – The castaway is a few coconuts short to help with the damage

Day 20 – Lion fish

Day 21 – Giant crab

Day 22 – Giant clam

Day 23 – Mysterious sea animal

Day 24 – This is where the mermaids are

Day 25 – Sea lion

Day 26 – Dolphin is looking to catch a flying fish

Day 27 – Not if seagull has something to do about it though

Day 28 – giant squid is a contender to king of the depths

Day 29 – A few more star additions

Day 30 – Who should rule over this world but the god Neptune