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I Spent 120 Hours Documenting Hong Kong Street Life And These Are The Results
User submission
Photography7 years ago

I Spent 120 Hours Documenting Hong Kong Street Life And These Are The Results

Hong Kong is always on the move. From the rising skyline forever competing with the fast paced city life, to the cacophony of lights forming a symphony of their own, this is a city that is as lively as it is varied. Amidst all the crowd, bustle and diversity, forming the core of the city, are its tireless inhabitants.

Countless faces, lost in their own world, they provide the beat to the city’s live and pulsing heart. But if you just stop to look closely you come across these tireless individuals, taking a moment to themselves. Finding respite from the chaos of their lives and reinforcing their individuality amongst the unknown faces of the crowd.

From enjoying a smoking break to just be caught napping in a city that never sleeps, from taking a minute to rest in the mall, to enjoying a quiet breakfast before starting a hectic day, setting up window displays to being lost in their own thoughts. These pictures capture the in between moments of the people of Hong Kong. These pictures provide a window into the daily life of Hong Kong. This is a series of such stolen moments.

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