A photo is worth a billion words, but all photos are not created equal. Every time we feature photos on Bored Panda can be pretty cool, cute, funny or incredible. But these photos are very influential. These photos have their own souls.

Something will never change on the world where we are living in. But we can see, we can feel and we should try to change anything we can.

PS: I collected them together from many tweets.

She forgot her bike on park. This is missing bike poster.

She says that “I missed my bycycle on the park. It has a little bit pink color, mostly blue. It has some text on body called “dolphin”. Please find it!”

She is showing us love is the best thing on the world.

Little boy saving his cat from heavy raining with umbrella.

Do not paint chick!

This is most cute wall painting I’ve ever seen. Artist says do not paint little chicks in emotion. (Turkish)

He missed Pati the Turtle. So He made this tombstone for Pati.

These texts on Tombstone: Brother of Pita, Pati. Born Date and Death Date. Rest in Peace.

Brother helps sister… Hilarious moment!

Happiness of discovering new things

Cutest poem I’ve ever seen

Mom don’t sweep ants,
they got injured.
Show them exit with saying sorry,
you’ll convince everyone,
also them too.

She is covering her baby doll’s eyes because of what is happening

Child waving with smile on his face

They taught he is a photographer and will take a photo