Michelle Poler, an art director from Venezuela living in New York, has a LOT of fears. In her ‘100 Days Without Fear’ project, however, she has set out to conquer them all – and document her experiences in short videos.

“What really pushed me to pursue this project was not the controlled lifestyle I left behind, it is the frustration of not enjoying [NY] and life in general to the fullest,” Poler writes on her website. “Since the unknown has proven to be so much more fulfilling than the familiar in these last months, I’m ready to let go, face my biggest fears, try to be completely vulnerable about it and enjoy the ride.”

Her fears may seem big or small to you, but that’s not the point. Her videos will hopefully inspire others to face their own fears and see that, where fear is concerned, the grass just might be greener on the other side.

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“I realized that fear was the only thing between me and my picture perfect lifestyle”

“That is the moment I decided to face one fear a day for 100 days”

Day 4: Getting my ears pierced

Day 8: First time smoking anything!



Day 15: Brazilian wax

Day 39: Donating blood

Day 35: Speaking in public

Day 19: Riding a mechanical bull


Day 21: Dyeing my hair ombre

Day 10: A day without my phone

A recap of her month so far: