When you think of board games you probably think of that one closet in your parent’s house everyone’s afraid to open because it will cause a fatal avalanche of loose game pieces and cardboard. Or, you know, you might think about playing them.

Think again, my friend.

These games on Kickstarter right now are so swoon-worthy gorgeous you are left with 3 options: 1) Hang them on your wall 2) Show them off at every opportunity including job interviews and 3) Be buried with them upon your death.

Don’t believe me? Check them out:

Lord of Hellas by Awaken Realms

“Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game.”

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Adam Kwapinski https://videogamegeek.com/blogger/4392/adam-kwapinski
Awaken Realms

Everything about this game is 500% brag-worthy (including its funding) but the real winners of this game are the miniatures.

Bonus: Said one way, “Lord of Hellas” is about to take over Northern California.

Image credits: www.kickstarter.com

Groves by Letiman Games, LLC

“​Build groves to expand your realm, manage your pool of spirits, and optimize your resource production to become the ruler of Idyllon!​”

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Illustrator: Nolan Nasser nolannasser.com
Graphic Design/Layout:
Jeff Wallace
Creative Development/Layout:
Michael Cofer

You could wallpaper a room with this art and people would walk into it and weep for the beauty of it all. It doesn’t get prettier than Groves.

Bonus: Fully funded and any donation makes you “a friend of the fae.” That’s a good thing, trust me.

Image credits: www.kickstarter.com

Blueshift by Nebulous Games

“Take command of a unique alien civilization to explore the depths of space, expand your empire, and conquer the galaxy!”

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Artist: Kyle Merriman instagram.com/_krmerriman/

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! Just take me to space already.

Bonus: The reviews say you can play this game over and over. Which means you can show your friends again and again your fine taste in sci-fi art.

Image credits: www.kickstarter.com

Carcosa-A Lovecraftian board game of Cults and Madness by One Free Elephant

“Be first to summon Lost Carcosa or the King in Yellow in a tile-laying, area-control game of secrets, schemes and sacrifice!”

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Dave Franco Campos
Sara Bardi

The artwork is so mesmerizing you will forget all your problems. In fact, it might actually get rid of all your problems.

Bonus: Fully-funded, and I’m pretty sure you get to exorcise your demons when you play.

Image credits: www.kickstarter.com

The Open Road by Open Road Games

“The Original Bicycle Touring Board Game. Pack your bags, hop in the saddle, and enjoy the freedom and adventure of The Open Road.”

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Saskia Rasink

Travel the United States with this eye-catching flat-graphic art style. We can only hope the creators will feature other countries in future games because we need more art like this.

Bonus: Some of the pledge levels give you your choice of art. You can LITERALLY hang this art on your wall.

Image credits: www.kickstarter.com

Elemenz by BadCat Games

“Prove your mastery of wild cosmic energy in this devious alien dice duelling board game for 2-4 players.”

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Artist: Ascary Lazos

The environments and cool-warm contrasted characters are awesome, and those dice! The creators did not go halfway. Those are the dice of a super-fancy, filthy-rich villain.

Bonus: You want to be more than an alien shaman dueling with dice? Alright, any pledge gets you an HD wallpaper for your PC.

Image credits: www.kickstarter.com

Epoch: The Awakening by Orange Nebula

“Epoch: The Awakening is a highly strategic, fantasy-themed tabletop board game for 2-5 players. Play time is 15-30 minutes per player.”

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Marc Neidlinger + “hundreds of…artists.”

A visual feast from cover to board to cards. Feast ya’ll!

Bonus: I’m pretty sure you can control the wind with your mind the moment this game enters your home. It’s that beautiful.

Image credits: www.kickstarter.com

Archmage by Game Salute

“Travel the lands, build an Order of Mages, and become the Archmage – weaving all forms of magic into one – in this exciting board game.”

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Art director
Dann May
Engar Adirasa

Look at that board and tell me you’re not utterly enchanted. TELL ME!

Bonus: The gold-foiled, collector’s edition slip case is simply mouthwatering.

Image credits: www.kickstarter.com

Radiant by Randall Marsh

“A war in three ages. Activate assassins, command knights, and claim mystical temples in this beautifully designed board game.”

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Artist, designer, etc.
Randall Marsh http://randalmarsh.weebly.com/

Everything about this game is truly radiant.

Bonus: Treefolk AND dragons. You can tell the creator worked really hard to make this a quality game.

Image credits: www.kickstarter.com

Electromagnate by John Rap

“The euphoria you experience when playing custom multiplayer games online is now available on your table top.”

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N.R. Bhaŕathäe- https://www.linkedin.com/in/n-r-bharathae-5a40a047/

Classic game pieces get updated looks in a graphic art style. Sweeeet.

Bonus: The kickstarter page has a free download of a graphic novel. Pages and pages of beautiful art! FREE!

Image credits: www.kickstarter.com