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Snow Drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen

This beautiful large-scale Snow Drawing piece was created by San Francisco-based artist Sonja Hinrichsen with the help of generous assistance of 5 volunteers on Rabbit Ears Pass, Colorado. Her work is like a snow version of Amazing Sand Drawings on California Beaches by Jim Denevan we’ve featured last year.

It’s amazing how many hours were spent creating something so big yet impermanent as these drawings. “I’m not so into making art that lasts,” Hinrichsen told Steamboat Today. “The world is saturated with manmade projects. I don’t think I need to add more things to the planet.”

On the other hand, Sonja’s work is not as impermanent as it seems. Eventually the snow will melt, but the pictures are here to stay.

Website | flickr | Vimeo

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  • Jennifer Reitmeyer via Facebook

    Very Very COOL!

  • Joe DeCarli via Facebook

    I wonder if the artists signed their work by “writing their names in the snow” when they were done? ;-)

  • Ellen Platova via Facebook

    cool )

  • Martin Brown via Facebook

    Kinda like cold crop circles :o)

  • Wilma Ragasa via Facebook

    Why not spend your time in the snow and making it onto a website and fb pages. Some ppl spend that time behind a screen. Who’s more useless?

  • Beth Trestrail via Facebook

    Maybe this could be a new Olympic sport. Or perhaps snow mazes will take off.

  • Stephen A Stuart via Facebook

    Everything we humans do is impermanent – we should remember the transient nature of our species…

  • Vicky Orly via Facebook


  • Wanderer

    Marvellous.. I am short of words… o^^o m/ m/

Author:   Date posted: Feb 22nd, 2012
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