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Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski

Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski cleverly uses satire to portray today’s social, political and cultural reality.

At first sight, his illustrations might seem funny, but when you look closer, they actually show some serious problems of today’s world.

Born in 1976, Pawel is a graduate of Fine Arts Academy in Poznan. The artist began drawing satirical illustrations back in 2004, and so far has been “rewarded with 92 prizes and distinctions“. In 2005, Pawel Kuszynski received “Eryk” award from Association of Polish Cartoonists for getting a record number of awards in international competitions

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  • Filas Jot via Facebook

    Pawel Kuczynski Koziorrr!

  • Oscar Valderrama via Facebook

    Todas están muy buenas

  • Cristina Berrios via Facebook

    the sad reality alot of people have to live by.

  • Darcy Noni via Facebook

    This depressed me :0(

  • Jennifer Clark via Facebook

    those are intense, but true

  • Ruth Steele Griffiths via Facebook

    Oh no – I think these are uncomfortable and lack beauty. Not my sort of thing

    • Jane

      The whole point is to make you feel uncomfortable. Once you realise that, the impact sets in.

  • Mila Muljaić via Facebook

    yes, a lot of them, a lot of sad truth-illustrations…

  • Anthony Gianfrancesco via Facebook

    you’re a silly panda

  • Peg Gy via Facebook

    Interesting metaphors, many I found quite disturbing.

  • Martin Gutsch via Facebook

    This is where art meet politics and really has a chance to make difference. Pawel Kuczynski is really one of the best artists of our time!

  •šević/781633978 Marija Janjušević via Facebook


  • Paola Murgia via Facebook


  • Alberto


  • Biliana Rousseva

    They`re perfect…

  • Karim Taraboulsi via Facebook


  • Anaxy

    Wow, winszuje!

  • IOussama Eq via Facebook


  • Juan Carlos Bravo Rendo via Facebook

    Para qué pensemos…

  • vijay varma

    Super like each of them   …  !!!! Sensibly descriptive … !!!!

  • Rexineffect


  • Nov Sysp

    sad but true

  • Ethan Pierce Thomas via Facebook

    this is kinda sad.

  • Jason Mathes via Facebook

    depressing is right but very cool also

  • Roberto

    todo magnifico, muy entretenido….

  • Cahyosusan


  • Nsdebiasi

    These are…depressing. Reality hurts >.<

  • Amal

    | It says lot of words… great!!!

  • Tamuna Abelishvili

    wow, 4th one impressed my most of all, may be its bcoz that its all I need right now ))))))

Author:   Date posted: May 10th, 2012
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