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Pumpktris: A Fully Playable Pumpkin Tetris

If you thought Pumpkin Carvings by Ray Villafane were awesome, you have to see this! A DIY website’s HahaBird user Nathan Pryor turned his pumpkin into a fully functioning Tetris game. So-called Pumpktris is rigged with 128 LEDs while its stem is used as a joy stick to control the falling figures.

Nathan even put up a detailed explanation of his work process and the creation of the light matrix for anyone who’d be up for the challenge. After putting the lights together and figuring out a code to actually operate them, Nathan had to carve a pumpkin to put the construction inside. Lastly, he unscrewed the redball of the joystick to replace it with the pumpkin’s stem, and gave this new device a double-edged name of “joystem”.


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  • Anonymous

    This is amazing! Such a creative idea, and wonderfully executed.

  • Lamia Mosbah via Facebook


  • Annette Picard via Facebook

    So clever !!

  • Gabrielle New via Facebook

    Why ?????

  • joejoejoe

    awesoem stuff, please checkout my own diy/creative projects

Author:   Date posted: Oct 31st, 2012
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