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How People Look When They Reach 100 Years

If you’re wondering how you will look like when you hit 100 years, take a look at these photos! “Jahrhundertmensch” (or “Century Man”) is a project by German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen who photographed more than 40 centenarians between 2006 and 2012. Their portraits were published in two different books, “Living a Century”(2008) and „Happy at One Hundred“ (2011).

You must be wondering what secret elixir these centenarians have been using – and the answer is, one couldn’t be specified! Some of them would mention an occasional glass of whiskey, but the winning answer must’ve been those people’s ability to deal with stress and difficult situations (such as the two world wars). Scientists claim that the key factor is mostly good genes and healthy diet, plus, enthusiastic and extrovert personalities tend to cope with trials of old age better. So basically – smile, and you”ll hit a 100!


If you want to see more, check out the book: Happy at One Hundred.

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  • Monica Kootenay Zumbrunn via Facebook

    They’re sweeties!

  • Ausra Marcinkeviciute via Facebook

    they are all gorgeous!

  • Andrea Crnogaj via Facebook

    beautiful !

  • Ahna Hendrix Social Media Consultant & Freelance Interactive Designer via Facebook

    This is awesome!

  • Wje Omega Holkovičová via Facebook

    Old people looks soooo beautiful with smile on their face

  • Dan Grossman via Facebook

    Still better than Amy Winehouse at 26

  • Varga Endre via Facebook

    They look really happy!

  • Hafsa Mustafa via Facebook

    they all look so… angelic?

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  • Marko Natri via Facebook

    Great job!!!

  • Nicole Gibbs via Facebook

    So cool, wish there was a variety of ethnicities to see though, it’d be neat to compare.

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  • Anonymous

    The first picture is by far the best. I can only hope I’m that good looking at 100.

  • Hank

    the title should really be “How Caucasian People Look When They Reach 100 Years”

  • Danka Skakanka via Facebook

    lady number 2 looks like 70 !

  • Eglė Burdulis via Facebook

    Labai mieli seneliukai! Mano tėtušiui betrūksta tik 10 metelių!

  • Becky Butler via Facebook

    spreading some more SPF on my face….

  • Kanu

    Interseting, though ive seen people in zimbabwe who had reached a hundred years and i promise you ‘d have been shocked at how young they looked and how strong they were. Not to make anyone jealous . Anyway these people wore wonderful smiles dispite their wrinkles and that was refreshing to see. N’est pas?

  • Mária Blahová via Facebook

    beautiful people

  • Mária Blahová via Facebook

    beautiful people

  • Ed Demnati

    Great project by German photographer Karsten

  • Ed Demnati

    every face hide some secrets

  • mohammed MA,Alfadhly

    [30:55] It is Allah Who created you in a state of weakness,
    and after weakness gave strength; then, after strength, caused weakness
    and old age. He creates what He pleases. He is the All-knowing, the

  • Miranda Prince

    Fascinating faces. I can see why the photographer chose them!

  • Maylene Diaz Torres via Facebook

    My Great Grandfather lived to be 106 :) He died Last Month..They remained me of him <3

  • Hazel Williams via Facebook

    has anyone else noticed that all these people have blue eyes? do you think perhaps it could be some sort of hereditary gene that influenced their many years?