Being a bored panda, I was reading a post about inappropriately sexy ads … which has been a subject of hot debate for me, recently, since I’m a professional writer who had to keep a professional face on while writing about the new Verge Bubblewand shown here. I decided I had to submit it, if only to “one up” some of the ads I was looking at.

Full disclosure: writing about the Bubblewand is part of my day job. Giggling at what it looks like? That I get to do for fun.

The “official” blog post that embraces the Bubblewand’s sexy, sexy nature is included, below. Feel free to come up with your own “inappropriate” ads in the comments.

If the new Bubblewand from Verge looks like it designed to please a woman – it’s only because it was! The Bubblewand is a professional salon-quality hair styling tool that’s designed to produce natural looking curls and waves quickly and easily.

“We know what it looks like,” says David Kim, the CEO of ONE Styling and creator of the Bubblewand. “The important thing, though, is that it works. I like to say it creates an ‘imperfect’ curl, so the results look totally natural. The Bubblewand makes it look like you were born with that hair, with that texture.”

Part of what makes the Bubblewand work is its high-tech “nano gold” ceramic technology. That coating makes the tool less likely to heat-damage hair, despite its nearly instant-on 410 degree heat. Other features, like the 360-swivel power cord and “starter clip” for ease of use make the tool a standout in a sea of more conventional-looking curling irons. It’s no wonder, then, that celebrity stylists like Terrence Davidson are already using the tool to create some of their high-fashion looks – including those used in the new Nicki Minaj video for “Pound the Alarm“.

Still, it’s tough to tell whether it’s the looks being created for the runway, or the “risqué” looks of the tool that are getting more attention. “To some people, it looks like an adult toy,” says David, “but the shape of the tool is what it has to be in order to do what the tool does. We decided to have a little fun with it, though, and put a little disclaimer on the box. It read ‘This is a serious hair tool. For external use only.’ We showed it to a few stylists locally and they got a giggle out of it. We figured that people are going to think what they think, so we might as well embrace it.”

David hopes the Bubblewand’s provocative looks provoke people to give his new tool a try – and he’s confident enough to be offering a no-questions, money-back guarantee on the innovative new tool. “I would love to see the look on a woman’s face when someone hands her a Bubblewand and says ‘this gift is guaranteed to make you happy’.”

The Verge Bubblewand is available in Bright Pink and black, and is for sale on-line at ONE Styling’s website, and at participating ONE World salons nationwide. You can check out this great Bubblewant how-to video, courtesy of ONE celebrity stylist David Lopez, below.

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