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Bride’s Bouquets Replaced By Flying Cats In The Latest Wedding Photography Trend

At, cats continue their supreme, unchallenged domination of the internet. The quirky site takes submissions of photographs of brides throwing their bouquets of flowers to waiting crowds of women and digitally replaces the bouquets with cats. Plain and simple.

The funny photos are of varying quality, but most are well-made and believable photo manipulations. Perhaps funnier than the photos themselves is the thought of what would happen to the women’s outstretched hands if they actually tried to catch the flying cats.

For further documentation of cat-kind’s unstoppable domination of the internet, check out these articles. Portraiture, physics, men’s photography, facial hair styling, painting – there is literally no field that they haven’t infiltrated.


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  • Étain Christie

    Zara Clynes

  • Susan Norris

    This is just dumb. Not funny, clever or creative; just dumb.

  • Diego Belli


  • Elien Vda

    jan fabre all over again :)

  • Patricia DeCorsey

    Whew. I was about to contact the authorities!

  • Diego Belli

    lamest topic by boredpanda ever… plz///

  • Ralf Hudini
  • Susan Davis

    Hate it even knowing it is fake #catsarenotobjects

  • Freddo

    Are readers really that dumb? Reminds me of the days of bonsai kitten and all those idiots that got upset and fell for it.

  • Lisa Russell

    Not sure about this one Jasmine….

  • Elena Kirsanova


  • Jimmy Provenzale


  • Tracy Maria Cudjoe

    That is animal cruelty…

  • MD

    Yes, we get it, it’s photoshopped and not real. But I hate that I live in a world where people can think “you know what would be funny? Throwing a cat” Try it with a baby and see what reaction you get. If someone thinks it’s funny to harm animals, humans are just one more step on the same scale. Having to resort to this kind of thing to get a laugh is beyond pathetic.