Tashkent-based artist Eldar Zakirov presents a series of digital cat paintings, proudly posing in different royal attires for the Hermitage Magazine. The cool cats look so at home in their outfits and each piece is so realistic that one might even be tricked into thinking these are actual oil paintings! Every singly detail, starting with the fabrics of the outfits and ending with the background of the paintings is very carefully chosen to represent the era appropriately and to look like classical paintings.

Throughout the course of history, cats could often be seen in royal or otherwise important surroundings, they have also sparked a lot of creative ideas: starting with their divine positioning in Ancient Egypt, and ending with the muse status for the most famous artists. Clearly these cute cats are the best pet models to pull off these royal tuxedos!

Website: eldarzakirov.deviantart.com | behance

The Hermitage Court Chamber Herald Cat

The Hermitage Court Confectioner Apprentice Cat

The Hermitage Court Moor Cat

The Hermitage Court Outrunner Cat

Hermitage Court Moor in Casual Uniform

The Hermitage Court Waiter Cat