There’s nothing wrong with getting your significant other a valentine’s card with hearts, roses, or a pair of swans, but eclectic artist Ben Kling has a series of valentine’s cards for people who want something a bit funnier and more unique.

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The illustrator, musician, writer, animator and artist has created a collection of valentine’s cards with cute little puns featuring famous writers, philosophers, thinkers… and dictators. You can get Hitler to ask your valentine to “be mein” or propose a more chaste relationship with the help of Plato. [Read more...]

And if these historical figures don’t quite cut it, he also has series based on drugs and farm equipment. If your valentine (or valentine-to-be) loves humor, Kling’s cards are a good bet. This year is the first year that he’s been able to offer them for sale in time for valentine’s day.

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Dictator Valentine Cards

(*Except Trotsky and Marx)

Famous People Valentine Cards