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25 Cool and Creative MacBook Stickers

As much as I hate Apple and their often overpriced hardware, I do admit that their products look beautiful and can be used just like jewelry to make you look better. Heck, one of my friends even put an Apple logo sticker on her Dell laptop! *insert a facepalm image here*

However, with more and more people getting Macs these days it’s getting harder to stand out of the crowd. That’s why we collected 25 Cool and Creative MacBook Stickers to make it truly unique.

If you find these stickers really cool but don’t have a MacBook yet, be sure to get one here before continuing.

Already got one? Good!

Now scroll down the list and tell us which sticker you would like to put on your Mac?

Zombie Princess MacBook Sticker

This die-cut vinyl decal fits nicely on the 11″ MACbook Air, and shows what happens to the Snow White after the first bite. (buy) (non-zombie version available: here)

Son of Man MacBook Sticker

Probably the best use of the Apple logo on this list, inspired by the famous Son of Man painting by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritt. Unfortunately, we could only find a b&w version of it on Amazon (buy)

Bart Simpson MacBook Sticker

This cool Bart MacBook sticker is made of special vinyl material which can be easily removed off your Mac. It was available for $15 on Etsy but the link seems to be broken at the moment.

Android Eating Bloody Apple Sticker

I can’t imagine any Apple fan putting this on his Macbook, but it’s probably the one I’d get for myself. (buy)

Cut The Rope Sticker

Fun MacBook sticker inspired by Cut The Rope, a popular game on iOS and Android. (buy)

Snoopy and Woodstock Making Supper

Macbook sticker inspired by Snoopy Brown, a fictional character in the long-running comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. (buy)

Darth Vader MacBook Sticker

Handmade decal sticker inspired by Darth Vader from Star Wars. (buy: 1 | 2)

Food Chain MacBook Sticker

Yep, bigger apples eat smaller ones. (buy)

Homer Simpson MacBook Sticker

Creative MacBook sticker with Homer Simpson eating the apple. (buy)

Golf Club Sticker

Cool Macbook sticker for golf lovers.(buy)

Superman MacBook Sticker

Individually hand-crafted vinyl decal sticker for your MacBook with Superman (or should I say Superapple). (buy)

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Laptop Skin Decal Sticker

MacBook sticker inspired by the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. (buy)

Banksy Street Art MacBook Stickers


If you love Banksy’s street art, then you’ll definitely love these decal stickers inspired by his famous stencils. (buy: 1 | 2)

Cat and Aquarium MacBook Sticker

If anyone knows where to buy one – let us know.

Wormy Macbook Sticker

This is what happens when you go organic. (buy)

Volkswagen Bus MacBook Sticker

MacBook sticker for all those hippies who still love the already iconic VW Camper Van (buy)

Scrat MacBook Sticker

It turns out that Scrat from Ice Age is also obsessed with apples.(link)

Hand Holding Apple

A cool Macbook sticker that will make it look as though a hand is holding the apple. (buy)

Apple Juice MacBook Sticker

I bet any apple juice with such packaging would sell really well among Apple fans. (buy)

Pedobear MacBook Sticker

Pedobear chasing young apple. If anyone know where to buy one – let us know.

Arrow MacBook Sticker

This one was on Etsy, but now the link seems to be broken. Anyway, I leave it on the list in case someone decides to do something similar.

DIY PacMan MacBook Sticker

A blogger by the name of alyoka shared some instructional pictures how to do this Pacman sticker yourself. (link)

Apple Evolution MacBook Sticker

Creative MacBook sticker portraying the evolution of an apple. (buy)

Eve and the Snake MacBook Sticker

Recreating the famous Biblical scene with Apple logo. (buy)

Sperm Race Sticker

Making baby apples… (buy)

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  • Roderikihgoarcia

    apples, are overpriced toys, usually bought by those who know nothing or very little about computers.
    or electronics.

    • Pheyonagh

       really…how about bought by the people who can’t be bothered with Windows and all it’s nonsense. And the back lash begins…

      • Roderikihgoarcia

        like I said, people that dont know about technology. for most of us windows is simple.

      • Roderikihgoarcia

        plus there are other running software besides windows. but i can assume you wont be able to use those either.

    • incompletia

      But they’re so prrrrreeetttty :)

      I am in love with the Snow White Decal.

    • Dan

      by your logic then people who buy other brands of computers are usually very savvy at computers? Retard.

    • Vince

      Idiot ! All of the Google enginers use Macbook pro to work ! Just tell it’s too expensive for you and that it !

  • Anthony Trott via Facebook

    Apple Juice MacBook Sticker!

  • Lora Angelova via Facebook

    Son of Man or Scrat :)

  • Lateecia Hernandez via Facebook

    <3 HAHA ^_^

  • Ross Stuttard via Facebook

    scrat or evolution :P

  • Adam Christopher via Facebook

    Makes me wanna one!

  • Peter Stuyck via Facebook

    I’ve got the Newton sticker on my MacBook Pro…

  • Yohann Therrien via Facebook

    a mac? well if i was retarded id get a mac.

  • Neetu Grewal via Facebook


  • Chad Mauricio via Facebook

    I’m gonna get one just to put on the android sticker :-)

  • Whitney GallagHer via Facebook

    Cat and Aquarium

  • laryn

    the apple evolution & cat aquarium ones look really cool.

  • Jarred

    Why do so many people still use windows?! Imagine! Always getting viruses yet never developing an immune system. I feel for them! Long live mac!

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