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Giant Mirrored Building Facade Turns Visitors Into Spiderman

If you happen to be in France right now, you can finally make your old dream come true! A giant mirrored building facade by artist Leandro Erlich will instantly turn you into a Spiderman. The installation is called Bâtiment (Building) and is currently on display at Le 104 in Paris as part of their In_Perceptions exhibition.

As we talked before, Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich is known for installations that seem to defy the basic laws of physics and befuddle the viewer. Be sure to also check out his incredible Fake Swimming Pool we featured earlier (if you haven’t done that yet.)

This awesome optical illusion is on display through March 2012, so don’t miss an excellent opportunity to climb a wall like Spiderman!


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  • mat

    Great! Where in France please?

  • Micahnicolebuyuccan

    so lets say that mirror falls…

  • Twinkle Kat via Facebook

    pretty cool

  • Sheer Kover via Facebook

    well… cudn’t make it to France :( ….jus missed a chance. Ohh these boss’s and that big boring job i gotttt!! :-S

  • Waffles Leggio via Facebook

    That’s crazy mad shlitzen dog crazy brother. It ain’t just pretty cool.

  • Juan Nadie via Facebook


Author:   Date posted: Jan 21st, 2012
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