The 20’s is one of the most confusing and trickiest decades in everyone’s life. Once you embark into this decade, you suddenly begin to live as an adult, but only a few of us really know what that entails. While every young person frantically juggles newfound responsibilities, opportunities, and burdens, older generations rush to advise us on how to do things right and what we are supposed to be doing.

Every 20-something-year-old is told that this decade is for sorting out your life by picking a career path, getting financially stable, getting an apartment and finding a serious relationship. That’s the reason why many young people feel that their life will be ‘over’ by the time they will reach the age of 30 because, clearly, all these goals are unrealistic to achieve in just one decade when you have your whole life ahead of you!

Despite what your parents and grandparents may tell you, there may be more important and reasonable things to do in your 20’s. According to Twitter user @lovethediosa what you should worry the most right now is learning to be who you are. She encourages people to sort their emotional baggage, childhood issues and finally learn how to accept themselves instead of trying to find themselves. “You are not lost”, she says so righteously. Scroll below to read her thread of advice on what to do in you 20’s.

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